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Giang Anh Team building
Can Th?, 24/7/2011-1
Can Th?, 24/7/2011-2
Can Th?, 24/7/2011-3
Can Th?, 24/7/2011-4
Can Th?, 24/7/2011-5
Can Th?, 24/7/2011-6
Can Th?, 24/7/2011-7
Can Th?, 24/7/2011-8
Can Th?, 24/7/2011-9
Can Th?, 24/7/2011-10
Can Th?, 24/7/2011-11
Can Th?, 24/7/2011-12
Can Th?, 24/7/2011-13
Can Th?, 24/7/2011-14
Can Th?, 24/7/2011-15
Can Th?, 24/7/2011-16
Can Th?, 24/7/2011-17
Can Th?, 24/7/2011-18
Can Th?, 24/7/2011-19
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Thank you latter for US Consulate

team building

 VietMark took an honor to organizing teambuilding program for US- Consulate at Vung Tau.

The program occured successfully and we also received positive feedback from US-consulate. VietMark want to send a great [...]

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Vietnam starts work on tramway to Fansipan

team building

  Work on an aerial tramway to the top of Fansipan, the tallest peak in Indochina, began Saturday as part of a drive to boost tourism in northern Vietnam. The tram, scheduled to be completed late next year and go [...]

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